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Not Lost in Translation

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Unlike Bill Murray we can speak Japanese so we don’t get lost in translation. 20 of our staff, over a quarter of the whole company, speak a second language. In total there are 18 different languages spoken within the company so we can communicate with various nationalities from countries all around the world.

Cultural awareness is very important to our business on an international scale. Being able to talk to our clients in their native tongue is something that is greatly appreciated and often commented on. We cut out misunderstanding from the outset and the client is then able to explain exactly what they need ensuring a smooth and easy booking process. Therefore being a multi-lingual organisation enables us to approach each enquiry with confidence and ease, knowing we have the ability to communicate fluently, no matter what the language.

SilverDoor employees regularly go on international business trips to improve relations with our property partners, expand our portfolio and to quality check apartments. Speaking this many different languages allows us to meet and greet our partners easily, communicating in a language they are familiar with. Our cultural awareness and knowledge of many local customs and etiquettes help create a relaxed atmosphere during international business meetings or social outings. Read our blog Getting to grips with culture to find out more about our tips on greeting strangers in new cities.

We have created a short video which demonstrates the diversity of the languages spoken within SilverDoor.


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