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London's alternative transport

‘TFL have announced plans for another tube strike.’ Those are the words no traveller in London ever wants to read. Line closures, planned engineering works, strikes and delays are something in life we just can’t avoid. Here are some alternatives to the tube that displays the diversity of London’s transport system:

  1. Take flight on the Emirates Air Line, which circles between Greenwich and the Royal Docks, bridging the north and south of the Thames. You can even use your Oyster to buy tickets for this service, which is popular for its spectacular views.
  1. The Thames Clipper runs between eight TFL managed piers and nineteen more on the river from Millbank to the Tower of London and Cutty Sark. This can be a great alternative for commuters who live around the Docklands/Canary Wharf area and you’re guaranteed there will be no traffic.
  1. Hop on, hop off open top bus tours span the capital’s many attractions, alongside the vast bus service that runs throughout the city 24 hours a day.
  1. The oldest forms of transport are, and we’re not talking about the penny-farthing, the authentic horse and carriage tours. Or, if you don’t mind a thrill, ride a rickshaw. If, like the Mayor, you're not a fan of rickshaws, Barclays Cycle Hire has over 720 docking stations and 10,000 cycles to choose from.
  1. Your legs will take you to places transport can’t go. The London tube map can sometimes be an optical illusion, however, many stops are as easily accessed by foot.


On a side note, if the tube isn't running one of London’s hidden transport gems is the driver’s seat of the DLR line. The service is automated, which means there are usually no drivers or even a driver’s cab - so head to the Docklands to take control of your journey. After all, London is the best city in the world.


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